Corporate Identity. A Way to Be Remembered and Recognized

If you want to be noticed, clearly declare who you are. That is possible by creating a face for the company. The first steps in this process must include choosing a graphic sign, or logo, and announcing an impressive message, or slogan. Other elements of company identity are:

  • fonts
  • colors
  • business cards
  • envelopes
  • letter-heads
  • web pages
  • annual reports
  • even employees’ uniforms.

The presence of an impressive logo and slogan on all of your products, documents and company materials will strengthen your brand’s discern ability and will provoke your potential and present clients' trust and loyalty.

What does company identity's creation include?

  • Creating of basic elements synthesizing the brand: logo and slogan
  • Creating of templates for making company documents and all types of print materials, from business cards and letter-heads through designs for brochures and billboards to TV ads branding. In other words, the unchangeable frame is created, which may be "filled" with new content or images. Using the same frame presupposes recognition and loyalty on part of the clients.
  • The chosen templates may be developed and presented in a Manual of Corporate Identity Application. In that way, your new company and advertisement materials will always speak of you and build further the company's image, independent of who you have hired as an executor.

Looking for THE Idea

When establishing company identity, we search for and stylize the one idea which optimally fits your business goals and the way you see the company's visual style.

We start with:

  • A memorable logo
  • An impressive slogan
  • A name for your company or product, in case your are still at the starting point

After that, we integrate them onto:

  • Business cards
  • Letter-head, for print or in electronic form
  • Mailing envelopes
  • Design and format for Power Point presentations
  • Fax and invoice forms
  • Folders
  • Templates for documents communicating your business

Your brand's every meeting with a client is valuable and should be used efficiently. It is important to pay attention to the smallest detail, to create and strengthen the desired impression.