The Site's Price

If you have already researched various sites of companies offering web site construction you have surely noticed that hardly anyone quotes precise prices. That is so because no one can say how much something may cost before it's known what it is. Building a site is more or less like building a house: the price depends on so many things.

When we have a more detailed information on the particulars (to put it figuratively, the number of house floors, whether it will be bricks, concrete, wood, with or without windows, etc.) it will be our pleasure to make you a concrete offer, and discuss it with you at length. So, contact us.

It is possible that you have come across some attractive prices for a site construction. Just one question: Would you buy a suit without having tried it on, knowing that the indicated size is approximately plus or minus 1 or 2?

To be more precise, or what does a site's price depend on:

  • The size and number of pages
  • The complexity and interactivity of the site
  • The addition of a forum and/or blog, users' entrance, options for dynamic adding of news, articles and/or pages, option to add a gallery, real-time services (e.g. a chat, auction)
  • Pay option (payment processor: PayPal, ePay, etc., or via SMS: Wisdom.BG,, shopping cart option in an electronic store
  • Additional custom-made solutions
  • The builders' experience and skills

If you make a good choice of a builder, the funds you will allocate for your site are not just an expense, but an investment.