30 Seconds, Too Much or Too Little?

Take any book or magazine. Pick half a page of text, take a stopwatch, and read aloud the text you have chosen. Pronounce each word clearly. Do not forget, you have 30 seconds.

Are 30 seconds too much or too little? If you know what you want to say, usually the time is not enough. On top of that, you must say the things in an interesting way if you are to be paid attention to.

When we talk about radio advertisement, we mean three main elements: words, voice, and sound. The optimal combination is achieved through their uniting original idea. That is where we direct our attention, to be able to give you good suggestions.

TV advertising suggests certain idea through visuals. Here, it is mandatory that you tell a story – interesting but not for its own sake. After all, we are talking about you or your product, right?

In Brief

We offer to write you a script for a radio or TV spot, so you say or show what you want in a memorable way.