Serving Your Customers

People who enter your site look for nothing else but information. Do not forget that the site is your employee working 24 hours, and one of its main duties is to serve your customers.

Information on Your Site

When defining the site structure or correspondent rubrics, sub-rubrics and additional topics, we take into consideration all the questions your users would ask if they met you. It is necessary to put yourselves in their shoes and pay attention to the smallest details, in order to be thorough in giving useful information on the site.

As Easy and Understandable As Possible

The site's structure reflects all the information it contains. In its turn, said information determines the behavior of the site's visitors. If it provokes interest they will turn to the offers you have made.

The information complies with the goals you have chosen and follows a certain form and order. Connections between different pages, or the so-called navigation, are set. Navigation has to be logical and convenient, so that access to the necessary information is easy. Which leads to the proverbial optimization of the site.

Web Site Levels

In order to show clearly what the web site's structure is, we may imagine that the site is a house. Its homepage, or first level, is the complete view of the facade from the outside. If we look inside we will see that the house is divided into different rooms with separate functions: bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. They are the site's second level. Depending on its function each room contains certain furniture and things; this is the site's third level. There can be a forth level too, but it is not obligatory.