How Can You Win and Keep the Others' Attention

What do we mean when we write texts for:

  • content

    We are looking for the attractive part of your business offer coming from a thorough research of the brand, review of the competitors, determining the exact target group, aims, benefits, and leading messages. Only after that do we begin writing the text for the particular type of advertising material.

  • form

    We select the appropriate words to provoke interest, but we do not forget the main point of the message. This enhances your chances of being listened to to the end.

  • particular company style: creating a verbal identity

    A company may use the words to introduce itself but also to differentiate itself from its competitors. Only if you sound differently from the rest do you have a chance to be paid attention to.

  • tone

    The tone of the message creates a certain atmosphere where your potential customers should feel comfortable. We attribute not only a rational but also an emotional resonance to your offer. That way, the impact is even more focused.

Frequent Mistakes in Writing Texts for Print Materials

  • A very specialized company language is used

    What does this mean? That except for employers of your firm no one else would understand what exactly you are talking about. You may do it because on the one hand you omit part of the information which to you is inessential but to the people who do not work in your company it is absolutely necessary. On the other hand, you use specific words and phrases known only in your field of work and completely unknown to someone working in another field.

  • The Text That Says Nothing

    ХХХ is a leading company in its field and it offers high quality products at extremely favorable prices

    The majority of people ordering brochures, pay attention only to the graphic presentation and almost forget that, ultimately, they should say something about their company, product, or service.

    A list of incredible products follows, which would change not only the world around you but also yourself, etc., etc. If your messages are not to the point, you will instantly be labeled a "blah-blah".

How should it be written, then?

So that the tone of voice you use to speak about your offers be human, first of all. A dose of originality is also needed, in order to distinguish you from the rest. So that it conjures up certain images in the mind, ones which increase the chances of making what you say memorable to people. Not least are the facts, since they are the ones which create trust, the necessary condition if you want to be taken seriously.