Step One. Let's Get to Know Each Other!

In order to be appropriate in our offer of a site which will present you in the best way, we need to know you and your business inside out.

Main Paths in the Site's Research and Planning:

  • Define the site's goals
  • Define your target group: internal and external. Internal: your employees who could use the site as a work tool. External: current and potential clients, suppliers, investors, competitors, professional organizations, etc.
  • Research the competition
  • Set the web site's schedule and budget

Step Two. Coming Up with a Creative Concept

When coming up with a creative concept we take into consideration your goals and your users' point of view. At this stage, we have a clear answer to the questions, "Who are they? How your site can help them?"


Step Three. Suggesting the Site's Structure

The good structure of a site facilitates both its visitors and the search engines, and this means that your site is easy to find and speaks to a wider audience.

A well-organized web site enables easy finding of the needed information. In that way, you win the readers' patience, and they get to the offers you have made.

Before we start work on the graphic design, we have to convince each other which would be the optimal version for your site's structure, i.e. that we have found the exact answers to the questions regarding:

  • Type of navigation
  • Number of pages
  • Internal and external links
  • General concept of the site's contents
  • Building technology.

Step Four. Web Pages' Design: First Impression

Web pages' design is the first thing your visitor will notice. In order to make a good first impression, we concentrate on:

  • The idea combining the company's goals and visual identity
  • A careful selection of graphic elements defining the site's unique appearance
  • Logical organization of the pages
  • Fast-loading pages
  • Easy navigation

Step Five. The Site's Contents, or How to Keep Others' Attention

After approval of the proposed structure and design, writing the texts comes next. The site's content should touch on all the questions your potential users would ask you in person. Clear convincing answers are needed, said in a confident and friendly tone.

Audiences Gather around Good Speakers

When we write texts for your site we take into consideration:

  • Your unique advantage, or what distinguishes you from your competitors
  • We speak the language of your users
  • We reproduce your style in words
  • We select the exact key words which would confirm the chosen business concept for your site.
  • We saturate the text with links (text connections) which refer to additional information inside the site, and allow free movement from one topic to another with only one click.

Step Six. Programming and Introducing onto the Net

Our Work Principles When Programming a Web Site

When programming a web site we use some of the most popular development tools: XHTML/HTML, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and CSS. Following established world standards, we guarantee maximum compatibility of your site with different types of technologies and their future development. This allows its optimal maintenance and trouble-free development further on.

The sites we have produced are based on software developed by us, which we continually develop and improve. Our core principles are: safety, reliability, fast operation and KISS. It is necessary to underline that we rely on tested and proven solutions. That is why we consider that ready products JQuery and MooTools are a good supplement to any site.

For sites built on a Content Management System, we use established solutions: Joomla and WordPress.

Safe Hosting Is a Serious Precondition for Success

We can choose together a reliable hosting server for your site to provide fast loading of your web pages. Do not forget that Internet users are extremely impatient and do not feel any guilt or inconvenience if they "turn their back on you" and drop by your competitor's site.


Step Seven. Site Maintenance

You can rest assured that we will not abandon you once the project is over. If you need any additional maintenance or a periodical actualization of the content, your site shall be renewed within a few working days.