A business without a web site is like a party without guests

If you are still wondering, with or without a web site, just look around. You will see that the necessity of having a site is dictated not that much by your competitors having one, but rather because your clients require it.

It is good to have your site working for you

Unfortunately, not every owner of a web site can boast of their site's efficiency. I.e. having a site does not necessarily lead to business improvement.

What to aim for with your site?

The clearly-defined goals of the site will predetermine the final results.

Well-offered information gains others' attention

A web site's visitor has but a few seconds to determine if this is the thing s/he is looking for. If s/he is disappointed, s/he "turns his back" without even saying good-bye and goes "hunting" for something better. His estimation is based mainly on the information on the web site.

Reading onscreen is not like reading a book

It takes much more time, and the Internet user's behavior follows more or less the same pattern: s/he does not read, s/he just glances over the headlines, subheadlines, and underlined words. If they provoke his interest, s/he will read the rest.

The site's optimizing depends mostly on the content

Search engines on the Internet classify the sites depending on the information they provide. Therefore, it will depend mostly on the contents and organization of your web site whether it will appear among first pages in an Internet search, or take its place in the end where no one goes to, anyway.

Web site structure

A good structuring of a web site is a mandatory requirement for its success. Each visitor should "move" fast and easily through its pages. You'd better not play around with his patience.

The site should speak to your customers

One of the basic mistakes web sites' owners make is creating the site according to their own liking disregarding the needs and tastes of their customers.

It is important what a web site says and how it says it

A "working" web site speaks clearly and convincingly in the language of its visitors.