No Space Restrictions

We are a virtual team, which means that we achieve particular common goals without sharing the same office space. We like to feel free, so when we have the opportunity we break away from the four walls and work out in the open.

We Use the Newest Communication Channels

We talk virtual meetings, teleconferencing, e-mail, chat, and telephone. I.e., we get together at any time to coordinate our work in the best possible way without limiting ourselves to a place.

Why Did We Choose This Model?

Our team's core members live in different cities and countries. Together we reach results that satisfy all of us, widen our horizons, and "sync out watches" to international achievements in the field of communications.

Each of Us Is an Expert in A Different Field

Before we scattered all over, part of our team used to work together. The good results we had reached some time ago encouraged us to look for a new form of gathering our efforts again to be able to carry out new successful projects.

We often meet face to face, as well. But the organization of our work does not depend on these meetings, which are necessary to strengthening the ties among us.